Laundry and Cleaning Service

What does Cleaning Star do?
Cleaning Star is an expert laundry and also cleaning service. We provide Pick-up and Delivery service in Penang.

Do you provide Pick-up & Delivery?
Yes, Cleaning Star provides Pick-up & Delivery for Georgetown, Gurney, Tanjung Bunga, Queensbay Area and Jelutong in Penang. However, if you have big items such as curtain, or if you have items more than 5kg clothes to be washed, you can make special request for pick up. Once you fill in the booking form, we will follow your scheduled booking date and time to pick-up from you. If you are away, you may also leave your laundry with reception. We will collect from them.

May I know how do you charge?
  • RM8 per kg (Limit to clothes, minimum per per pick-up is 1 kg)
  • RM1.50 per piece for normal Ironing (eg. T-shirt)
  • RM7.00 per piece for Steam Press, include Cover and Hanger (eg. Saree, Business Shirt)
  • Household Linen price Price
  • If hand-washed is required, it will be charged RM3.50 (eg. T-shirt), RM10 (eg. Sweater)
  • If the clothes have bad stains such as blood, vomit, poops etc, a minimum RM3 to RM10 will be charged as extra, the charge will be depended on the dirtiness level. It will be treated separately
  • Express 50% surcharge for Same Day Pick-up & Delivery or Order placed less than 24 hours will be categorized as Express

  • How can I pay for the laundry if I choose Pick-up & Delivery?
    You may leave the payment with reception if you are not around. Alternative you may opt for online banking, either by local bank transfer, or credit card payment. A surcharge 4% will be imposed if you opt for credit card payment, the payment link will be generated and send to your email account.

    How can I contact Cleaning Star?
    If you are a homeowner/host using Cleaning Star email us at: info@cleaningstar.com.my
    If you are a guest of a host using Cleaning Star email us at: info@cleaningstar.com.my
    Guest Booking can be made here via this online form
    or Click here to Whatsapps

    What are Cleaning Star’s business hours?
    Cleaning Star opens from 9:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Saturday. Laundry/Cleaning Services bookings can be made anytime using our site.

    What types of products do you use for laundry?
    We use premium cleaning products that are eco-friendly.

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