Penang Laundry

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Booking Procedure 网上洗衣预定 :
1. Submit the following form
2. Cleaning Star staff will pick up the items based on your booking date and time
3. Inform customer by email the total items weight and make payment online or pay cash
4. Deliver back the clean items to customer

Pricing 价格:
  • RM8 per kg. All items will be weighted by Cleaning Star.
  • 所有衣物将会以重量来计算

  • Pick Up & Delivery 运输服务
  • Pick up and delivery time from 9am-6pm (Mon to Sat). We can also pick up from Reception.
  • All items will be delivered back by the next day before evening if laundry items are picked up/received before 11am

  • Extra 附加服务:
  • Pick up & Delivery will be charged RM5 one way. Return RM10. 运输费一趟RM5, 来回 RM10
  • Contact us at +60125508456 or +60123484833
  • Email: for any queries
  • 如果有疑问,可以联络我们, 微信(wechat) shawnng123 或 Whatsapps

  • Booking

    • Please include room no
    • (Mobile user: tab on the words "collection time" to choose drop down time)
    • Pick up from reception etc